About Us

Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Charm, one of the admins. Mymainetravels.com  got from my name “Charmaine”. Thus it sounds like ‘my main travels’ without the e.

Who does not want to travel? Although I know someone who doesn’t want to, my grandmother because she is really afraid to take a cab and encounter an accident. But I feel that fear is the only hindrance not to take the adventure of travelling. So, this is the purpose of this website as to provide the most fun, exciting and thrilling travel attractions all over local areas around my city, Davao City. I will take you to a higher level of enjoying this trip from giving you tips and ideas to deals about the travelling experience here in my place.


my maine travels

Why The Blog?

Aside from sharing relevant and significant tips about travelling here, I also love to write and travel with my family. Thus, I will continue to share and compare facts and thoughts on travelling to maximize your vacation here as a tourist.


Meet the Team

Behind the codes are the team who continues to explore and help you out on how to find the most fun, provocative and bargain travel destinations in Davao City.

Ma Charmaine Ness Nioda


I took BS in Information Technology from 2001-2004 but unfortunately not finished it. I have my three children now which I am also hands-on with them. I got my interest on writing when I was in grade school and received a diary gift. That’s when my interest in writing hit me.

Next Steps…

If you have further inquiries and questions, feel free to ask or contact us. We love to help you in any way we can. Hear you soon!

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