my maine travelsMy Maine Travels is a blog run by the admin herself, me. Most of the blog post written here is a personal experience or an interview with the third-party. This blog describes more of her travel experience within and outside the city. The main purpose of this blog is to share thoughts, experiences, and ideas of how a place has impressed or disappoints on her side of view.

Vision for My Maine Travels

When this blog levels in its highest peak, I would like to have give-back events to my readers and my co-bloggers as well like supporting them a bit financially especially the starting bloggers through giveaways and even free travels.

Oopps, not yet on its peak guys. In God’s will, this vision will purposely make to reality.

Mission for My Maine Travels

The mission of mymainetravels.com is to inspire and motivate a real-time experience for adventures for my readers and I. The honesty of this blog is on top of everything to encourage the reality of how a local traveler or a tourist can get along with their own ideas and reflections in each escapade. We honestly and hopefully share our real-life stories in this blog. Yours too are welcome.

Failures do come in every single form but the courage can lead to success. Most of the times that we failed to meet our goals in life, failed many times to come closer to our dreams but never quit. Don’t hesitate to finally encourage yourself and do the things that you were afraid of. Who knows what might be at the end, but at least once in our life, we did it.

Stand for what you believe and make that fear turn into happiness and satisfaction in life. Be courageous and responsible at once.

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