Top 15 Hotels to Stay in Davao City

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  1. Vlad says:

    Never been in Davao City but thankfully I now know some good suggestions of where I can stay there just in case! I don’t know why the Marco Polo hotel seems great lol! I’ve never seen it but the name makes it amazing ahah

  2. Elizabeth O says:

    Really awesome hotels. I’ll consider those list of hotels before I visit Davao Philippines.

  3. Anna Szoke says:

    I loved your checklist with the questions, they are indeed super important to clarify before choosing the right accommodation. Thank you for sharing!

  4. London Mumma says:

    I have never heard of this city before, sounds very cool. Thanks for sharing the top hotels guide.

  5. Aditi says:

    These are some great options for anyone looking for travelling to Davao. Thanks for sharing all these, will definitely recommend to friends and family.

  6. Mayuri says:

    Wow! These are some awesome hotel recommendations, I am going to pin it so that I can refer to this post later. Thanks!

  7. I have never been to Davao city before, but hopefully one day I will be able to go there. Thank you for sharing such an informative post!

  8. Ali Rost says:

    For us, we always ask if they allow pets because we often travel with our dogs. Also, I’ve learned to ask about complimentary breakfast. It used to be a given, but I’ve learned that isn’t always the case. Great food for thought!

  9. yukti says:

    Wow a great list of hotels in Davao city. You have considered everything while booking for hotel like shuttle service and how many people they can accomodate.

  10. Sonika says:

    Thanks for this informative post. this will surely help me in future

  11. Airra p says:

    i havent been to Davao, but Im planning to visit hopefully next year. Thanks for taking the time to share this list.

  12. I have never heard of Davao city before, nor have I visited anywhere near, but this is a great list and so helpful to those looking to visit .

  13. Jen S says:

    Great post! I would maybe mention where Davao is because I didn’t know until I googled it 😉 Also maybe have links to each hotel’s website for convenience.

  14. jhilmil says:

    Great compilation, now anyone visiting Davao can refer to just this list ! This place seems a great for visitors.

  15. The general advice about choosing a hotel is definitely something useful to consider. I have no idea where Davao City is but it sounds amazing!

  16. Jeenu Pillai says:

    You have given us a whole list of hotels to look into when we are in the city. Thank you for sharing this. quite a handy piece of information.

  17. Hyra says:

    This city sounds great and you have given us a complete solution to check-in to hotels no need to do more survey

  18. Nicole says:

    This is great, such a thorough list, Thanks.

  19. Angela East says:

    Thaks for sharing the hotels. Unless I missed it, I don’t think you mentioned where Davao City was. I had to google to find that it was in the Philippines.

  20. Great to read especially when you write with such love about Davao city, I almost feel that I am already a part of this place. 😊

  21. sian says:

    Number 3 + Number 11 look lovely! I never ever thought to ask questions when looking for hotels, always gone for the cheapest but learnt the hard way its not always the best!

  22. Aniruddha says:

    very good and summarize suggestion which will help many travelers also.. keep it up..

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